Youth Girls Cricket

High School Cricket from Year 9

Once you start High School in Year 9 you can play in the Youth U16 grade of cricket, however if you still want to play the rest of the season in Year 8 with your friends you may also be do this.

Girls cricket differs from Boy’s cricket in Christchurch in that Boy’s Cricket on Saturday is run by High Schools and some clubs – however there is no Saturday High School cricket for girls and most girls play both for their and a club. (If your team is lucky enough to play in the finals for the Gillette Venus competition then you may miss a week of club cricket).

The Youth age group is played from school year 9,10,11 with the older players moving up to the play in the Division 1 / U19 Grade of cricket – you may also be able to have dispensation to play in the U16 grade if you are new to the game or have a sister friend still playing there.

This competition is run by the Christchurch Metropolitan Cricket Association with runs all club cricket in Christchurch.

Matches are played on grass wickets where available and start at 9am. It is a covered grade of cricket. If you like to find out more about U16 Youth Cricket please contact Shane Young on 021 771 392.