Preparing for your first season of hardball

Molly and Eliza give some tips on preparing for Year 7/8 Hardball

If you are have a had a season with Year 5/6 junior girls cricket playing with the Match Weight Incrediball when you move up to play Year 7/8 cricket with hardball there are a few things to prepare to make it easier.

The thought of playing with hardball can be a bit of worry so it’s got to make sure that wear all the correct protection like gloves, helmet and pads – this best thing you can buy are some of the Aero Stripper pads which are great protection for legs and thighs if you miss the ball – its provides you some confidence that even if you do miss it is not going to hurt.

These are available at Cricket Express

The next thing to work on is learning to run between wickets with the pads on, and only practice is going to help to stop waddling like a duckling! Make sure you pads the correct size and get used to them.

Fielding and bowling are a different as well, as the pitch length is longer it take more time to get adjusted to bowling straight and not to bowl any wide’s. The ball the same weight and size of the one used in Year 5/6 so it’s just a case of practicing with it.

Finally with the batting – you get to have the first 6 balls without getting out so have a good chance to get used to the bowler and everything.

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