Two new appointments – Hannah Foster & Nic Clayton

Hannah Foster has been appointed to manage the Premier Women’s team this season which will also provide Hannah an opportunity to work with a premier team and coaches to further develop her own coaching and managing skills.

Nicola Clayton has also agreed to undertake a club captain style role to help with engagement of the Premier Women, Youth Girls and Junior girls as well as the social side of the club

Hannah Foster

Hannah is currently studying at University of Canterbury completing a teaching graduate diploma, Hannah has been involved in North-West Women’s Cricket from the outset as a player as well as coaching our junior girls teams and BWCUCC Friday night superstar academy and kiwi cricket age groups.

Hannah will be looking forward to getting involved in the role and let’s hope that COVID doesn’t affect the start of the season too badly.

Nicola Clayton at Prizegiving

Nicola is also studying at the University of Canterbury in her first year studying Engineering which will give her plenty to borrow the keys to the ENSOC fire engine.

When Nicola agreed to take on the role of connecting up the senior, youth and junior girls with NWWC she readily agreed and only later asked what was involved! That’s the spirit Nicola.

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