Division One Finals

The Div1 Grade was split into two competitions, the Phyl Blacker Series and the Trudy Anderson Series when the Kirsty Bond Premier Series was running. 

The Trudy Anderson Series was the period plagued by rain:

NWWC Scorchers 1st

NWWC Blazers 2nd Equal with OBC

The final of the Phyl Blacker Series is this weekend.

NWWC Scorchers versus Lancaster Park playing off for 1st & 2nd

NWWC Blazers versus OBC playing off for 3rd & 4th.

There was nothing separating the top 3 teams on the table, so will make for interesting final games, especially as Lancaster Park are yet to be beaten on the field. It was good to have more teams in the Grade this year & hopefully there will be more again next season.

The Blazers have been a welcome addition to NWWC – moving their U16 team up to the Div 1 Grade. The majority of the team have played together for a number of seasons – a very tight unit coached by Darron & Mark.

The Scorchers is made up of 6 core players, with the team being filled with Prems depending on availability, but normally U16 players playing 2 games. No-one knows the full team until Friday – which is a challenge.  Thanks to those that helped get a team on the field and to Mike and Bruce for coaching.

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