NWWC at the ICC Womens Cricket World Cup

Well the ICC Womens Cricket World Cup is now but a memory but for some of our girls who were lucky enough to be involved they will have memories to last a lifetime.

Some of our Y5/6 girls from our Flash and Flames teams were lucky enough to be anthem kids for the Australia v England FINAL! The day started early and the girls were all outfitted with a sponsors uniform and then rehearsed how they would walk out onto the oval. Because of Covid the girls had to stand apart from the players during the national anthems rather than walk on with them. The girls were then on the field throughout the singing of the anthems. A huge highlight was being able to play a fun game on the Oval in the innings break. Thank-you so much to everyone who made this a once in a lifetime opportunity for these girls. 

We also had five of our NWWC Premiers involved as changing room assistants at the Women’s World Cup. Molly Dunlop, Brydie Washington, Eliza McIntosh and Kate Hastings were involved with the training aspect and Libby Stead was involved with the games at Hagley Oval. The roles were mainly comprised of work before and after the trainings and games, maintaining the changing rooms, ground, and training hydration for the players. 

Although Covid made it hard to interact with the players, it was still a great experience to be in the proximity of world class players and watch some high quality cricket. Libby Stead said, “The amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to get an event like this up and running is pretty incredible” and that, “It really put things into perspective” when describing how everyone played a small role in bringing the World Cup games to fruition. 

Well done to all those that were involved.

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