Australia Development Tour 2023

The club is proposing to take some cricket teams to Australia during the school holidays in September 2023, the purpose of the tour is for the development of players – so it’s unashamedly a cricket tour and we have chosen Australia as we want to immerse ourselves in what makes the current world champions so successful, from grass roots cricket up.

Darron Stackhouse has a vision carried over from his time coaching North-West Youth Cricket and that is to provide a 1st XI experience to youth players, and thought why not provide this experience to our girls and women’s cricket sides? This tour is just under 18 months away so there is plenty of time for fundraising and planning.

There is a slideshow presentation at the end of the page and registration link below.

I believe that this should be a regular tour, and I know that the school holiday’s are not the best timing, however we are not putting an upper age limit on the trip, so if 2023 is not going to be the best year, there should always be another opportunity

Darron Stackhouse

The itinerary is provisional and could change, but we have worked out a realistic budget for this – though costs, like everywhere, may escalate. The club is looking for registrations of interest now – with a commitment at the end of June with the payment of a deposit. A sub-committee will be called for to help co-ordinate all aspects of the trip – including fundraising.

To register your interest please complete this form:

NWWC 2023 Australia Tour Registration Form

Some of the questions that come out of the presentation from Thursday the 19th of May

  • Will there be any opportunities for any Year 9s? We will be seeing the level of interest, if there is enough in the Year 9 and Year 10 age group we can look at taking a side, but if we are tight for numbers we will look at a preference system
  • What if you don’t have enough people going? At the moment our preference is to provide this players from North West, but if do need some more numbers we can take take other players or ask a club like Selwyn Wahine who have similar women’s development aspirations
  • What if there is a late cancellation due to unforseen circumstances? The committee will need to look at the situation case by case, we know there might some non-refundable costs – but we also we may have another person keen to take that place. We have included travel insurance in the package as well and an element of that will be prior to departure.
  • It seems like a lot of money, is there grant funding? It’s unlikely there will be any grant funding as the trip is overseas, we want to try and make this as accessible as possible so we want to allow plenty of time to fundraise – and personal fundraising is also an option! (A lot of fundraising ideas were brought up)
  • Where is the money going to be held? Burnside Cricket Club could open a separate bank account and provide access for the NWWC travel treasurer and we will be using Xero to track all the transactions
  • NOTE: There were 17 registrations of interest on the night!

You will see that we have added a travel clothing and baggage allowance, we want to make this trip a really memorable experience for all the players, where they can have a chance to remember the trip of a lifetime and meet new people and have great experiences on the way, it’s going to be a proper tour. It will also give our NWWC coaches and committee members a chance to learn from how Australian cricket clubs and schools work.

Darron Stackhouse

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