NWWC Div 1 Scorchers Saturday 28 January

The Scorchers were pleased to be able to play their first game in for quite some time, only getting a couple of games in over November & December – though the council did try to stop us, with a computer fault watering our field at Spreydon Domain.  We moved to Garrick Park to play OBC, we won the toss & elected to field.  Thanks to Olivia Paul (Liv) holding a good catch from Sasha in the first over by Hannah Wallace, we were off to a good start.  Liv continued her good form with the ball netting 2 wickets.  With some tight bowling all round we restricted them to 89/6. 

Hannah Wallace and Olivia Paul opened the batting with an excellent 70 run partnership, then Edie Maslin joined Hannah to finish off the chase in 13.2 overs.

Olivia Paul 2/7 in 5 overs, including 1 maiden. 22 runs (30).

Edie Maslin 1/5 in 2.3 overs. 10 runs (5)

Hannah Wallace 36 runs (36)

Thanks to Luce Dawson & Millie Cam-Rule for playing 2 games and fielding a few overs for the opposition.  Also thanks to Andy, who came to the rescue trailering his big barbeque to the park, as we were separated from our intended barbeque with the Blazers at Spreydon.

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