Social 8’s Women’s T20

After a delayed start to the season, and a rain affected week which led to cancellations across Christchurch, our Social Women’s team were able to take the field for their first match on Saturday.

A collaborative team with our not-so-close neighbours over at Southern Districts Beckenham, this team is a testament to what can be achieved with Women’s Cricket, A few Mums, a few ‘old’ hands returning to the game, two ladies brand new to cricket equaled a pile of fun!

We had Saint Albans up first, with a few new faces in their line up from last year. NWWC-Southern Districts decided to bat first, and with no one really wanting to open the batting, Cat and Liz were sent out to face the opening bowlers of Anna and Jo.

Cat is especially vulnerable to Annas bowling, luckily this time, those straight balls just left Cat with a black thigh but with her stumps intact. Cat and Liz got off to a slow start, with a very slow outfield meaning even the odd good shot didn’t travel too far.
Liz (3) fell in the 2nd over to a good catch from Jodi, which brought Carissa to the crease.
Carissa tried to pick up the pace, but some good bowling and that slow outfield meant the score rate stayed low. Cat fell in the 9th Over for just 6 off 35 balls, gloving one through to the keeper, bringing Alyssa to the crease.

Carissa (7 off 30) was bowled by Jodi in the 13th, leaving Alyssa and Maria at the crease to close our innings. Maria (13 off 21), in her first game back in 12 years quickly showed her experience and skill, playing some masterful shots, with beautiful footwork. Alyssa (24 off 28), once she got her eye in was showing her strength and even though that outfield was holding up the 4s, she scored quickly to finish on 24*, Sarah, Kaycee and Sam not needed to bat today, so will push them up the order next week. NWWC-Southern Districts finished our 20 overs at 71/3.

To our bowling, everyone was feeling a bit rusty having not had much pre-season bowling, but Sarah and Liz threw down a couple of great balls, Liz picking up a wicket with an LBW shout against Julia. Alyssa the pick of the bowlers at 3 overs, 0/5, Her pace proving tough even in game one. Cat picked up the other wicket, not to her credit, but to an epic running catch on the boundary from Liz. The ball bowled should have been dispatched for 6, but the wind held it up long enough for Liz to glove it. Early contender for catch of the year! Our total of 71 was an easy target for the Saints Girls, the slow outfield didn’t have the same effect on them, smashing it over the boundary 9 times, to chase our total down in 11 overs, to finish at 73/2.

MVP (on points) overall Alyssa with 24* and 0-5-3 but for her first game, Sam takes my MVP points, she looked great having throw-downs and I look forward to watching her bat next week, and never hesitated to take the ball to bowl a few overs, and even put the keeping kit on for a few overs. This is the Spirit of Women’s cricket, everyone pitching in where needed, and calling every friend you know to make up numbers! I look forward to the rest of the season with these awesome ladies, and we welcome any new players to join us and give cricket a go, or pick up the bat again after however long you have been away.


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