NWWC Prems Saturday 24th October

The team started off a little disjointed but luckily, everything popped into place before the first ball. Sydenham won the toss and elected to bat. We managed to get a vital early wicket which set us up for a great innings in the field. A great take and magnificent run out from Nicola Clayton really set the scene for how the team was feeling. Sydenham made it to 152 with 3 wickets in hand after 50 overs with a respectable 54 not out for Darcey Prasad. It must have been a day for the spinners today with Abigail Hotton 1 wicket for 28 runs off her 10 overs and Captain Libby Stead 2 wickets for 25 runs after her 10 overs. 
We then stopped for lunch and prepared ourselves for the mighty task of winning this game. 
Abigail again was a highlight with the bat scoring 34 runs off 59 balls as well as Izzy sharp with her 30 runs off 40 balls. Sydenham got us down to our last 3 wickets and it was starting to feel a little tense, we could feel the win coming. 
And just like that, we had won the game… we had one our first ever 50 over game as a Premier side. We are making our mark and proving that we do deserve to be here! 

Batting Figures:

Kate Hastings 8 off 13

Abigail Hotton 34 off 59

Mikayla Nortman 2 off 5

Izzy Sharp 30 off 40 

Abby Mckissock 16 off 25

Molly Dunlop 2 off 15

Maddie Morrow 0 not out off 8  

Bowling Figures:

Estella Wallace 1-11 off 7

Molly Dunlop 0-37 off 9

Abby Mckissock 1-20 off 7

Abigail Hotton 1-28 off 10

Nicola Clayton 0-28 off 7

Libby Stead 2-25 off 10

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